Friday, April 25, 2014

Despite this belated first blog, I did make it to Germany in one piece! The plane ride to Berlin was a struggle, as I fell sick the majority of the ride. When I arrived in Berlin, however, I felt much better and ready to get started. I’ve felt very comfortable in Berlin, as it similar to cities in the United States that I have traveled to. I did make a few interesting observations as well…

For one thing, Germans are very environmentally conscious. Our hotel room requires your key to be in the light switch for the power to work! I would have never seen an energy-saving mechanism like that in the U.S. Throwing away trash can also be quite confusing as it must be separated between various recyclables. I don’t mind doing this, though. I’ve adopted the mindset to do as the Germans do! 

So far, we have seen the major highlights of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and pieces of the fallen Berlin Wall were all seen. It was amazing to stand and feel so much history around me. Before I left for Germany, I was teaching the WWII unit in my student teaching world history class. I am so excited to send my pictures back to my students to show them pictures of the places we talked about.

The food sampling I’ve done has been quite a positive experience. Schnitzel comprised of my first authentically German meal. This was pork fried in special seasoning and it was delicious! I had it with French fries, so a little taste of home. I’ve also had Currywurst, which is a bratwurst smothered in a ketchup-like sauce seasoned with curry. While it may not sound appealing to the ears, my mouth couldn't get enough of it! I can't wait to sample more authentic German food! 

One more day in Berlin, and then the next stop is Werne to meet my host family! Until then, Guten Tag! 

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